Warren T. Jackson
2018 Winter Auction

Warren T. Jackson Elementary celebrates more than 50 years of building a foundation of academic excellence by hosting the 2018 Winter Auction on February 10th, 2018 at Park Tavern in Midtown.

The Jackson Auction is an opportunity for the local community and the school to come together to enjoy an evening of cocktails, food and dancing while helping to raise money for the PTA.

What Does The PTA Do With the Funds Raised?

Ongoing Investments to Enhance the Learning Environment. The net proceeds raised from the Auction will be applied to educational tools, equipment and professional development opportunities, as well as gifted to the school Foundation for longer term capital projects – all of which will help foster student education and improve the learning environment. Specific items and projects anticipated to start this year with the money raised include additional technology tools such as Chromebooks and iPads, improved storage solutions (such as lockers or cubbies) for each grade – while longer term projects may include improvements to the Main Campus media center and Primary playground.

How Can I Get Involved?

In order to reach this goal we need support from corporations, Jackson families and the special businesses that our families frequent. Your participation would be a wonderful addition to our event and will help us build an even stronger foundation for another 50 years of success.

  1. Go to the Auction! We are looking forward to a wonderful evening where parents, administrators and teachers can come together to celebrate the school they love while raising necessary funds to foster continued academic excellence. There are different levels of family sponsorship and all levels provide an opportunity for our teachers to attend the event. Become a Family Sponsor or buy tickets today by clicking HERE or visiting 501auctions.com/2018winterauction.
  2. Sell Raffle Tickets. One lucky winner will choose their adventure – a family trip to Disney, a romantic weekend in Charleston or an ultimate Pro sports fan experience. Starting January 16th, students can sell raffle tickets for $10 per ticket to neighbors, friends & family. Raffle tickets may also be purchased HERE or by going to 501auctions.com/2018winterauction.
  3. Help Create the Themed Basket for your Child’s Class. Donate themed items for your class basket! Your classroom auction liaison or room parent will be communicating with your class soon regarding the theme of your basket. Please stay tuned for more information.
  4. Host a Parent Party. Parent Parties are a fun and creative way of donating to the auction. It’s simple – the hosts/donors get together and come up with a party idea. The party is then offered to 10, 15 or 20 takers and those who sign up pay a small amount for their spot. After the auction, the hosts/donors reach out to those who signed up for their party to confirm details for the event. Examples of parties that parents could host include but certainly are not limited to:
    • 2nd Grade Moms ‘Wine & Cheese’ Night (hosted by one or more 2nd grade moms)
    • 4th Grade Boys Capture the Flag Party
    • 3rd Grade Girls Pool Party
    • 1st Grade Boys End of School Pizza & Swimming Party
    • 5th Grade Girls Cupcake Baking & Decorating

    The list goes on and on – so have fun and get creative! If you are interested in hosting a party please email Kimberly Kennedy at kimberlykennedy@mac.com to let her know your party details and hosts.

  5. Fulfill the 2018 Teacher and Administration wish list. For the first time this year, Teachers and Administration have worked with the PTA to create a wish list of items that will provide immediate benefits for the 2018 school year. For these items, we will create a “Buy It Now” option on the auction website so you can immediately purchase the requested item. 

Auction Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor

Summit Sponsor

Torch Bearer

Gold Medal Sponsors

Silver Medal Sponsors

Silver Medal Family Sponsors

Dana & Obi Ugwonali, The Kennedy Family, David & Emily Fournier, Kate & Brad Peterson, The Schaumburg Family, The Shaughnessy Family and Gordon & Cary Bainbridge, The Allenbach Family

Bronze Medal Sponsors

Bronze Medal Family Sponsors

The Gober Family, Katherine & Matt Wirth, The Rolle Family, The Vise Family, Robert & Chisako Barker, The Igoe Family, Angela & Michael Graff, Andrea Malik Roe & Steven Roe, The Newsome Family, The Pribish Family, The Rubinas Family, Michael & Natalie Aide, Andrew & Christine Lindsay, The Tidwell Family, Mindy & Brian Kaplan, The Curran Family, The Ruen Family, The Williams Family, The Scott Family, The Rodgers Family, Dr. Kyle Hammond-Emory Sports Medicine, The Watkins Family, The Schmidt Family, The Clayton Family, The Noronha Family, Wes & Christy Mahaffey, The Eaton Family, LaDana & Oliver Carter, Ken & Angel Tittle, Connell Cummings, LLC, Rebecca & Rob Strang, Rob & Kathryn Spencer, Katie & Rusty Cullens, The Sonoda Family and Cathy and Richard Mooney (Grandparents of Cathryn-Rose & Mary-Grace Kolb)