While the official end of each school day is 2:30 p.m., for many Jaguars that’s when the fun of learning and playing just continues. These students take part in Jackson After School (JAS), an activity-based program designed in two parts:

Homework Time: Children focus on getting their homework done during JAS, so that they can enjoy family time at home in the evening. While children receive homework assistance by trained supervisors, one-on-one tutoring services are also available for an additional fee.

Enrichment: As a balance to studies, JAS provides a fun menu of extras including arts and crafts, physical activities, game time, free play, team sports, and social time.  Healthy snacks and beverages are provided as well.

JAS begins the day in the cafeteria area of Jackson’s Main Campus. Students who attend Jackson Primary are bussed by APS under the supervision of a JAS teacher to the Main Campus.  Parents report to the Media Center for student pick-up.

Our program is under the ownership of Kim Bishop, a former Jackson teacher. For more information, please call (404) 433-6126, email Kim directly at kimbishop@bellsouth.net, or visit http://myafterschoolprogram.com.

In addition, JAS has an exciting selection of extracurricular classes offered by outside parties to Jackson students. Registration for these programs is available on the JAS website, www.myafterschoolprogram.com on August 1st and December 1st of each school year.  Students do not have to attend JAS to participate in these extracurricular classes.

Extracurricular classes include:

Big Thinkers Science | Young Rembrandts Art | Drama | Gymnastics | Karate | Ballet/Tap | Soccer | Kids Chess | Etiquette | Yoga | Private Tutoring | SSAT Prep Classes / Golf / Robotics/ Running Club/ Good Luck Club/ Math Club/ Photography Club

A PREVIEW of classes for the upcoming JAS 2017 Winter-Spring Extracurricular Programs session are available to view online.   Click the Extracurricular classes tab at the top of the webpage to begin the preview. REGISTRATION will open online December 1 on the JAS aftercare website: www.myafterschoolprogram.com
Students do not have to be a registered JAS aftercare student to attend extracurricular programs however, students must be currently registered at Warren T. Jackson to attend.

Questions? Email beth@myafterschoolprogram.com