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Taking action to affect change is a common theme throughout Jackson’s campuses, and nowhere is that more evident than in our school’s affiliation with Jane Goodall’s worldwide student program, Roots & Shoots. Each year, a broad topic is introduced school wide to grades 2 through 5.  The 2012-13 school year topic, for example, was Water.  In conjunction with IB requirements, students learn how the topic relates to and affects the environment, animals, and the human community–at large as well as at the local and even personal level.  School assemblies, in-class books, hands on experiments and service projects help students develop their sense of citizenship. Activities range from classroom experiments and school assembly to campus-wide initiatives that benefit local non-profits and other groups in need. While parent volunteers oversee all activities, the students themselves develop ideas and project plans. The sky’s the limit but there is one rule: no fundraising. As a result, Jackson students learn to create solutions based entirely on their actions and see first-hand how involvement results in positive change – both in the community and in the world at large.

On February 19, 2010, Jackson had the profound privilege of having Dr. Jane Goodall herself visit the school to recognize our students and their philanthropic efforts over the years. A portrait photo of this historic afternoon now hangs in her honor within Jackson’s Main Campus.