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Jackson GreenThink is a great example of how big ideas can grow to become reality. Developed as a PTA initiative that launched on Earth Day in 2008, this program augments Jackson’s traditional curriculum with information on how we can be more eco-friendly to our world. Focused on recycling, reducing, reusing, and rethinking the way things are done, GreenThink’s mission is to help Jackson become a healthier place for our students and the environment.

A key part of GreenThink is Jackson’s commitment to reducing school waste by recycling – everything from cans to paper to ink cartridges – on a daily basis. Our students have earned First Place with several local recycling challenges as a result. In addition, GreenThink extends to areas like providing “reusable party kits,” researching and disseminating green/healthy lifestyle information, improving the quality of in-class snack programs, promoting non-toxic cleaning practices, creating “No Idling” zones in our carpool lanes, and conserving water and electricity. The GreenThink committee has also led Jackson to adopt the Little Green Schoolhouse model, an approach aimed at improving the environmental health and ecological sustainability of schools in the U.S.

The Little Green School House

Little green schoolhouse logo

At Jackson, we care about protecting our children’s health, both in school and in the world at large.

Is green your color? If so, please join the effort by contacting our PTA GreenThink chairs:

Michelle Garforth-Venter – michelleg@ezinkulu.com