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Jackson’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a shining example of how continuous collaboration between families, teachers and staff can make a good public school into an outstanding educational institution.  Our PTA’s mission is to support Jackson students, teachers, and staff by promoting quality education, striving to expand the arts, encouraging community involvement, and working toward a healthier environment for our children. We encourage every family, teacher and staff member to join the PTA and contribute in whatever way they can to positively impact our school whether it’s by giving time, talent or a financial donation. Over 60 committees, which touch most areas of school life, make up our PTA. From large-scale community events like our Fall Festival, to weekly Library volunteer co-ordination, there are opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer to get involved.  Our volunteers take pride in making Jackson the school it is and cumulatively clock up 10,000 hours each year! Jackson’s PTA funds almost two thirds of the school’s General Budget, subsidizing countless aspects of the curriculum and allowing our students to experience many things beyond a traditional classroom education.  Our Executive Board meets monthly and general PTA meetings are held three times per year.  These meetings serve as a forum for parents, teachers, and administrators to discuss current and relevant issues pertaining to our school and district. If you are not already involved, join us today! We could not do our job without the hundreds of helpers we call our Jackson Family.

Your PTA Co-Presidents:

Christy Fiftal –
Kimberly Kennedy –

Here is a sampling of what our PTA supports…

pta2Speaker Series/Coffee Talks: We invite parents in to learn more about what happens at WTJ.  Topics include International Baccalaureate (IB), Language, the Challenge Program, Special Education, Curriculum, Internet Safety and Health & Wellness.

Community Outreach: Roots & Shoots and Jackson Community Service are Jackson’s philanthropy programs where children are taught the importance of community service and giving back. Parents on this committee select projects that are meaningful and based on the philosophy that knowledge leads to compassion which inspires action.

Curriculum Support: Numerous programs to enhance our curriculum and reinforce our IB agenda.

Events: Family-Fun events throughout the year.

Jackson GreenThink: A comprehensive eco-education program that introduces on-going green activities at the school, with a goal of translating this new awareness within a student’s home, community, and world.

Jackson Gardens: A remarkable variety of outdoor learning environments from gardens to bird watching to a mature nature trail, including a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Wellness Week: Jackson’s effort to promote health and exercise. It’s a week-long calendar of innovative and fun activities.

Read-A-Thon: Our children love the Jackson Read-A-Thon! During our 10 day reading extravaganza, we bring in guest authors and allow our children’s’ imaginations to soar while they immerse themselves in reading. Each year the Read-A-Thon supports the PTA as a significant fundraiser.

Science & Math resources: The PTA supplements the traditional Jackson science and math curriculum with additional materials and manipulatives.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation: Our teachers and staff set us apart! We are so proud of the staff that is assembled here, and we love to thank them for all they do for the Jackson kids. We have events peppered throughout the year to show our gratitude, and they are thanked each Spring during Teacher & Staff Appreciation week.

Drama & Musicals: The PTA supports drama and music at Jackson, and our parents enjoy Chorus & Drama Performances, Keyboard Recitals and the much-loved Spring Musical. We are very proud of the talent we have floating through our halls!