Bus Drivers by Route

535                  Mr. Jerome Yon
543                  Mr. Kenneth Boyer
562                  Ms. Keisha Dupree
570                  Ms. Nicole Witherspoon
592                  Ms. Lenora Woods
596                  Ms. Valnisii Jackson
598                  Mr. Michael Iles
613                  Ms. Kattie Winfrey
633                  Mr. Jessie Adams
661                  Ms. Janice Birt
1501                Ms. Sarah Morris
15-801             Ms. Terri Bronner

Additional Information

Jackson is a bustling school with many students, teachers, families and visitors coming and going. Transporting a large number of students to and from the school requires a comprehensive plan for buses, carpool and walking. In order to protect our children and maintain efficiency, we’ve adopted the following Policies and Procedures that we ask all visitors to observe, along with any signage posted around the school grounds regarding traffic and parking. Please read these policies thoroughly and contact Dr. Patrice Austin at 404-802-8800 if you have any transportation questions.

Please also email transportation issues here: APS Transportation transissues@atlanta.k12.ga.us.

Jackson school buses will drop off/pick up from Jackson Primary first and then travel to Jackson Main School.  In the afternoon, Jackson buses will transport Jackson After School (JAS) Students in Kindergarten and First grade from Primary Campus to Main Campus on a daily basis.

APS Transportation Contacts:

John Franklin, Executive Director of Transportation

Sheral Mizell, Transportation Supervisor – 404-802-5511

Atlanta Public Schools
Pupil Transportation Department
1661 Metropolitan Parkway, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
(404) 802 – 5500