Each child needs to purchase both School Supplies & Classroom Enrichment Materials. This process is handled differently at each campus, so please read below.

PRIMARY CAMPUS – Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

  • $120 per child (includes enrichment materials & school supplies)
    • The PTA uses these funds to purchase ALL School Supplies & Classroom Enrichment Materials in bulk for the K & 1 students. All you have to do is pay once and be done! Everything your child needs to succeed will be delivered to their classroom before the first day of school.
    • PAY HERE or see payment link below.
  • K&1 Questions?  Contact Amanda Orr or Katherine Wirth

MAIN CAMPUS – 2nd thru 5th Grade:

Please complete the following TWO STEPS:

  • Step 1: Pay $80 per child for Classroom Enrichment Materials (this does NOT include school supplies, which must be purchased separately in Step 2).  The PTA uses these funds to purchase Classroom Enrichment Materials in bulk for Main Campus students.  The Enrichment materials cost $80/child and parents are in charge of purchasing School Supplies separately.
  • Step 2: Purchase your School Supplies.  After you have paid the $80 for Classroom Enrichment Materials, you have to purchase School Supplies separately.  There are two options to do so:
    • 1) Go to the SchoolKidz website, enter School Account #66066  to order a pre-packaged school supply kit specific to your child’s grade that will be delivered to your home before school starts.  If opting for SchoolKidz, please note there is a May 25th deadline to order. After that date, you will need to print out a Supply List (at bottom of page) and purchase the supplies on your own. OR…
    • 2) Print out your child’s specific School Supply list (below) and go shopping with your child.
    • If your child is in GATE/Challenge, please also purchase the GATE/Challenge kit for your child.
  • 2-5 Questions? Contact Amy Clayton

PAY HERE * for Enrichment Materials (2nd – 5th) and  Enrichment Materials/School Supplies (K-1).

* With this payment link, you will be able to purchase enrichment materials for all of your children –whether they are at primary or main.  After you click the link, you will be directed to “buy tickets”.  We are trying to fix this, but “buy tickets” means “buy supplies”.  Apologies if this is confusing but that is how our ordering site works.

Online payment is preferred. You may also submit cash or check made out to W T Jackson PTA to either campus’s school office. All checks MUST include children’s name(s) and grade(s) in memo line.

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