At Jackson, our commitment to excellence and high standards touches every aspect of the elementary school experience. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the academic arena, where we cover the traditional subjects of reading, mathematics, language arts, science and social studies, along with art, music, physical education and French. Beginning in third grade, students may even opt to extend their education musically by auditioning for the Jackson Chorus.

While achieving top scores is always a priority, a grade is just one component of a child’s education. We believe every student has more immeasurable gifts and talents as well. Our teachers take an avid interest in developing and nurturing those special traits, and work closely with parents in this process.

For more meaningful and in-depth learning, Jackson’s academic agenda works hand in hand with our IB PYP curriculum. This way, all of the core subjects are integrated with IB directives, so that students can see and understand their role in the way the world works.

The following provides more detail on how these subjects are inculcated throughout the kindergarten through fifth grades:

Reading: In the early grades, the focus is on phonics and guided reading, enabling students to develop a love of literature and reading habits that will sustain them throughout their school years and beyond. In the primary grades, early reading is introduced, using the Orton-Gillingham method of phonics instruction. Phonics is the cornerstone of our early reading program and gives students the skills to decode, while guided reading provides the practice and context for understanding. Teachers utilize a variety of resources, including real literature to develop both the skills and the competence to decipher and enjoy the printed word. While the primary grades are the time for students to “learn to read”, the intermediate grades stress “reading to learn”. As students matriculate through the grades, literary circles and book clubs becomes common vehicles for developing the love of reading that will enable our students to becomes life long readers and learners.

Mathematics: Our mathematics program is anchored in a manipulative-based approach that focuses on concepts and problem solving. The Georgia Department of Education publishes standards for all Georgia schools to follow and these standards drive our instruction. We utilize a wide variety of resources to teach these standards and focus our efforts on concept development and application. Students have many opportunities to apply mathematics concepts and solve complex mathematical problems, with real life applications utilized throughout the curriculum. Our students reinforce their learning with appropriate games and competitions that engage and excite learners.

Language Arts: Grammar, writing, spelling, listening, and speaking comprise our Language Arts program. These are all designed to help students develop communication skills. Our writing program begins early in kindergarten, as does vocabulary enrichment. We see a strong language arts program playing significantly in the understanding and advancement of all other subjects across the curriculum. At Jackson, students have many opportunities to demonstrate their language arts skills through writing and publishing – from innovative class assignments to various literary compilations published school-wide such as Jackson Jottings.

Science: The science program is designed to expose students to a wide variety of science disciplines with a hands-on emphasis on the real world. Students learn the scientific method of observing and experimenting while developing their natural curiosity.

Social Studies: Our social studies curriculum takes students from their own awareness of self to their place in the world around them. It includes history, geography, and economics, as well as current events. Social Studies is integrated throughout our curriculum as we encourage students to expand their understanding to include a true global perspective.

Media/Technology: Our Media Center is open for students daily. In it, students not only learn library research skills, but also develop a love of literature through our extensive book collection. Technology is infused throughout our curriculum, as the library, as well as each classroom, is equipped with computers. Each classroom is equipped with interactive white boards to take further advantage of how technology can enhance and advance instruction. Our Media Center collection is available on-line and the Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is an integral support to our already-strong reading program that encourages and monitors every child’s reading progress.